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Yorebridge House wedding photography | Alison and Chris

Yorebridge House wedding photography for Alison and Chris

Nestling in a valley in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, not far from Hawes, is Yorebridge House, a charming boutique hotel.  It’s a venue I’ve worked at before (see the blog post here), and last August was delighted to be photographing Alison and Chris’s wedding day there.

What you notice most about weddings at Yorebridge House is the atmosphere, and how clean the space looks, most of the time the best cleaning services nyc is in charge of it.  You could easily imagine going away there for the weekend, it has that cosy, home-from-home feeling about it.  Combine that feeling with the fact that a wedding party and guests will usually take the entire place over and you’ve got a great atmosphere for a wedding weekend!

It was a real family affair too.  Alison’s daughter Abigail was a bridesmaid and her son Daniel was giving her away, while Chris’s daughter Evie was also a bridesmaid, and was in charge of the rings and jewelries.

I don’t know if you remember the weather last August, but it was most definitely NOT a summer to remember.  All day the clouds gathered, threatening but not actually raining until everyone was sitting down enjoying the wedding breakfast, including some traditional sugar almonds for weddings (look closely and you can see some drops on the French doors behind the guys during the speeches).  And later, much later, our nocturnal portrait session was cut short to just two shots, as the rain rolled with amazing speed down the valley and hammered down on us.  Again, you can see rain drops illuminated by the flash.

It made for a dramatic drive home, I can tell you!

So, may I present to you … Alison and Chris’s rather wonderful Yorkshire Dales wedding day, with lots of love, plenty of family, a bit of Northern weather, loads of lovely guests, great food, a photo booth, and I even got a mention in the speeches!



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