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Wedding photography in Macclesfield | A Cheshire wedding day with a taste of the great outdoors

Wedding photos from a grand day out in Macclesfield

Today, a handful of wedding photos from Shine Pics Photography as a preview of a wedding quite unlike any other I shot last year.

From the moment I first met Emma and Paul it was quite clear that they lived and breathed the great outdoors.  They live in the outskirts of Macclesfield, on the fringes of Macclesfield Forest and the Peak District, and spend all their time running, climbing and mountain biking around it.  I can still clearly remember the conversation on the phone I had with Emma that made me determined that I’d have to shoot their wedding.  It was when she was describing the church – Forest Chapel – situated at the top of a ridge sticking out of the forest, and surrounded only by fields and views.     And the she informed me that, if it wasn’t raining, she’d walk to the church up the footpath she mountain biked down most weekends.  It was that moment.  I wanted to get that shot.  And, on the wedding day, the sun shone ….. and that’s precisely what she did.  And I got that shot.

Of course I should have realised just what the outdoors meant to them when I met them for an engagement shoot (actually a family shoot, starring them and their four children).  Following Paul’s wishes, we drove out to the Roaches, a hugely popular set of climbing crags, where it wasn’t so much like wedding photography as me taking photos of people climbing up rocks!

Plenty of photos to come in a future post; today I’m just giving you a flavour of a day full of views, fresh air, family and friends, a real sense of a community, and a sense of joy and fun that lasted throughout.

Clearly, the mountain biking fraternity is a close knit one in Macclesfield, because it seemed they were all there to form a guard of honour as the happy couple made their way out of the church (under a guard of front forks and tyre pumps, of course).

After another foray back along that footpath for photos in the fields and amongst the muddy puddles (but with a view as lovely as that one, with a clear view of the Cat and Fiddle road to one side and Shuttlingsloe on the other it was well worth it), we headed off to the Masonic Hall in the centre of Macclesfield for the afternoon reception, wedding breakfast, speeches and dancing.  Lots of dancing.  Accompanied by a ten-piece soul band no less (which always gets my vote).

Please enjoy, and tune in again soon for the full post from this wonderful day.


More to come in a future post.

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