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Wedding photojournalism at Nunsmere Hall | Rhianne and Lee

Wedding photojournalism?  What’s that?

Well, just as a news journalist tells stories using words, so a photojournalist tells the story of an event using images.  It’s more than that though.  It also means not directing or stage managing events, but observing and recording them as they unfold.  The skill of the photographer, therefore, is to choose the best lens for the job, stand in the right place, frame the shot in the best way …….. all without telling anyone what to do!  In the wrong hands, that leads to a lot of boring shots of the backs of heads, but in the right ones, it creates a series of images that not only tells a story, but places the viewer in the heart of the story, so that they can imagine what it felt like to be one of the people in the photos.

Photojournalism lies at the heart of what I try to do as a wedding photographer.  I try to tell the story of your particular wedding day, highlighting the special moments that made it uniquely yours.  I try to present events as they appeared to the people present, creating a sense of what it actually felt like to be there as they happened.

Of course, like all good wedding photographers, I step out of that role on a couple of occasions – to shoot some family groups for you, and to take you off for a short portrait session.  But these are still pretty ‘hands off’ sessions.  I’ve included a few portraits in this blog post to show you how, even though they’re obviously posed, they’re still pretty relaxed.  (That first photo, by the way, is totally unposed.  Rhianne and Lee had gone into the marquee to be shown how it looked before the guests were invited in, and were catching a quiet moment alone.  I combined an image of them with a shot of the table plan).

The wedding here was from last September at Nunsmere Hall, one of my favourite venues, in Cheshire.  Rhianne and Lee booked me to shoot their wedding precisely because of what I’d outlined above.  And, on the day, I witnessed and told the story of …., well, the complete madness of singing waiters, a conga line of the entire wedding, crazy dancing, fancy dress and complete and utter joy.  Enjoy!

wedding breakfast table plan

wedding photojournalism bride and groom during ceremony

wedding photojournalism dancing guest

wedding ceremony exchange of rings

wedding guests

bride and groom portrait in the library at Nunsmere Hall

dancing bride and wedding guests

bride and groom and wedding registrar

portrait of smiling bride

wedding guest

civil wedding ceremony

bored pageboy during wedding speeches

bride and mother of bride descending main staircase at nunsmere hall

wedding breakfast top table

wedding love sign and child guest

bride and groom portrait in grounds of nunsmere hall

female wedding guests

bride and bridal bouquet

wedding guests in Photo Booth

best man watching wedding ceremony

wedding speeches

wedding guests in fancy dress for Photo Booth

dancing wedding guests

excited bride

wedding guests in fancy dress

nunsmere hall

wedding guests dancing in a conga line

evening wedding portrait

Do you like what you see?  If you’d like a set of photos like this, showing you all the moments of your wedding day, artistically captured and reminding you of the events of the day in years to come, please get in touch.  I like talking, so feel free to pick up the phone (07766 815703), or fill in the contact form.

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