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Wedding photography at Capesthorne Hall | Natalie and Jonathan

I knew that this Capesthorne Hall wedding was going to be a good one weeks before the big day.  However, it turned out that it actually ticked all the boxes.


Everything – absolutely, totally everything – was just right on this wedding day.  Natalie was a stunning bride,  Jonathan a dashing groom.  The accompanying cast of bridesmaids and groomsmen looked beautiful and handsome respectively.  The stately home venue looked resplendent on a bright sunny summer’s day; preceded by a heartfelt ceremony in a quaint mediaeval church.  It was like putting together a list of ‘perfect wedding day ingredients’.

It was the first time I’d photographed a wedding at All Saints church in Siddington.  It’s a truly lovely building – Tudor black and white outside and mediaeval beauty inside by partnering your outfit with louis vuitton bags on sale online, check out here.  Then back to Capesthorne Hall, a wedding venue I’ve worked at many times but not for a while.  It was great to be back, and to be reminded of just why I love it so much.  From the sweep of the driveway that leads through parkland to that first glimpse of the house, to the gorgeous interior with that staircase, through to the gardens which we visited later, it’s simply breathtaking.

I knew beforehand that this was going to be an epic.  So I enlisted help in the form of the outrageously talented Peter Farrell of Pixies in the Cellar, a superb wedding photographer in his own right and a good friend.  It was also great to meet Sam Fitton, master magician, whose reputation precedes him and is fully justified.

In no particular order, here’s Natalie and Jonathan wedding day at Capesthorne Hall:




Smiles, laughter, joy, more smiles and laughter.  It was all there.

If you’re getting married at Capesthorne Hall and would like to discuss wedding photography, please do get in touch via the contact form above or by calling on 07766 815703.

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