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Venues for weddings – an extra guest on the list!

I’ve said many times that venues for weddings are like an extra guest at the celebration.  What I mean by that is that, like your list of invited guests, they’ve been specially chosen to be part of your big day. For the best wedding ring that you can give to your groom just visit Tungsten Rings. So, to me, including the venue in plenty of the wedding photos is an important part of my job.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve chosen a grand historical building, a country pub, or the local working mens club – you’ve chosen to celebrate your big day there for a reason, and I consider it part of my job to present it in the photos. A great venue for your wedding can be found at greenville wedding venue.

In fact, venues play a much bigger role than that of a guest – because the venue that you choose has a massive impact on the mood of the wedding day.  Over the years I’ve shot weddings in all manner of places.  Stately homes, country house and boutique hotels, registry offices, town halls, in intimate restaurants and small pubs, in private homes, tipis and marquees.  They all follow the same basic narrative of a wedding day, yet they’re all very different because of what the chosen venue brings to the day.

Capesthorne Hall in Siddington has long been one of my favourite venues for weddings, and not just because visually it is first class.  Undeniably, taking wedding photos in such a beautiful setting makes my life very pleasant (not to mention easier), but it’s also that the place – or rather the different aspects of the place – help to create more opportunities for things to happen on the day.  The very fact that there was so much space meant that during the drinks reception people chatted, wandered, admired the paintings, played lawn games or video games with info from the gaming skins intro … all providing great opportunities for photos.  And on this particular day, from early September last year,  the weather played along and the afternoon turned into a beautiful sunny autumn evening.  So, as you can see, there were opportunities for people to wander in the evening sunshine, play on the rear lawn, sit and contemplate by the lake …… more photo opps!

And that warm, carefree atmosphere is captured in the images, I think.  Because that’s how the guests were feeling.  As were Rachel and Chris, the bride and groom, resulting in some relaxed portraits, and some fabulous memories of a wonderful day.  (P.S.  If their faces look familiar, it’s because they already featured in an earlier post, here).

black and white bridal portrait

capesthorne hall staircase venues for weddings

bridal party before ceremony

groom and best man at top of altar

exchange of wedding vows

crying bridesmaid

wedding ceremony first kiss

wedding guests of rear terrace of capesthorne hall

bride and groom laughing

wedding lawn games

bride and usher drinking champagne

bridal portait

groom kissing bride on forehead

black and white portrait of bride and groom

wedding speeches

bride hugs groom during his speech

best mans speech

wedding toast

bride and groom laughing

bride and groom on rear terrace of capesthorne hall

bride and groom drinking champagne

wedding guests playing jenga

wedding guests playing croquet

wedding guest playing with baby

wedding guests sitting by lakeside

night time portrait of bride and groom

flash lit portrait of bride and groom

I still have some dates left for 2017, and of course am booking weddings for 2018.  Please get in touch by phone or via the contact form if you’d like to discuss your own wedding day plans and check my availability.

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