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Signing the register – a Peckforton Castle wedding moment

One of the most important things, perhaps the most important thing, that distinguishes a professional from an amateur photographer is the ability to see the light.



Last Friday I was helping out my friend Phil Barrett, second shooting a wedding with him at Peckforton Castle near Tarporley in Cheshire.

This is a moment I’ve watched and photographed on numerous occasions, the bride and groom signing the register.  On Friday the weather was exceptionally unseasonal – bright (and I mean bright) sunshine throughout the day.  The Great Hall at Peckforton has tall, narrow windows, set high up in the walls.  Light streams in in long shafts, well it does if the sun is shining.  As it was on this day, and I was aware of the couple caught in a pool of light, almost as if a spotlight was shining on them.

My immediate response was to frame this image and to deliberately underexpose the shot slightly – to deepen the shadows in the room and highlight the pool of light on them.

Looking back through the images I shot that day, this has quickly become a personal favourite.  I like the simplicity of the composition, the muted tones of the flowers, tapestry and desk, the textures of the wood and stonework, the fact that Kyra and Phil are wrapped up completely in the moment.  They’re totally unaware of me, of the congregation, of the registrars just feet away.  A lovely moment, captured.  The overall mood is like that in a painting by an Old Dutch Master.

There are plenty more examples of photos I’ve shot at Peckforton Castle in pages and blog posts throughout this site.  If you’re planning a wedding there and would like to discuss wedding photography, please get in touch via the contact form at the top of the page, or give me a call on 07766 815703.

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