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The price of wedding photography – is it worth the expense?

Wedding photography packages and prices

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” (Red Adair)

Cheshire-wedding-photographer-Martin-HambletonLike most things in life, good photographers are neither free nor cheap.  But if you want photographs that you’ll look at over and over, that will help take you back to the biggest day of your life and conjure up all those moments again, then you may decide it’s worth the investment.

The best wedding photographers have talent, sure, but there’s also many, many hours of practising the craft to hone the skills.   A good professional makes the job look easy not because it is easy, but because they know what they’re doing!

Not to mention the ‘invisible’ stuff, like talking to wedding co-ordinators beforehand to learn of any special moments that have been planned.  Or knowing the flow of the wedding day so that the important things are captured, or making sure that taking you off to make some portraits doesn’t take too long so that the meal starts late (causing lots of disappointed guests and one angry chef!).  Or checking routes before the big day, so that time isn’t spent driving around looking for a church when you should be inside it recording the biggest day of people’s lives!  This is knowledge that comes from experience.  There’s simply no substitute for it.  All of this is offered as a standard part of every wedding package that I offer.

There’s more to it than turning up and taking some photographs.  A lot more.

And remember, this is a once in a lifetime day.  There’s only one chance to capture your memories, so do your homework and make sure you’ve chosen the best person that’s right for you.  That might not mean choosing the most expensive – a photographer’s style of work, and personality, should be important factors when deciding too.  But if someone looks a bargain – then there’s probably a catch!

There’s plenty of good advice about what to look for when hiring a wedding photographer, much of it written by people far more eloquent than me.  There’s an excellent article on Rock’n’Roll Bride that gives some great tips, and further ideas over on the English Wedding blog, to name but two.

If you’d like to know about my own photography packages and how much I charge, then go to this page.

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