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Meet Martin

What you want to know about me:

I’ve been a professional full-time wedding photographer for over 13 years now, and a photographer for much, much longer. So you can rest assured that on a wedding day I know how the schedule will flow; I know how my kit works and can use it to its best ability to capture great looking images for you; and most importantly I can anticipate moments before they’re going to happen and make sure that I’m in the best position to capture them for you.

I’ve worked in all manner of venues, in all four seasons (sometimes on the same day), and always got a result that my clients have loved (read the testimonials if you’d like to know more). So, whether you’re getting married at midday in an outdoors ceremony on the Summer Solstice, or saying your vows by candlelight in an underground crypt in the depths of winter, I’ll be able to capture great images that fully reflect the mood and atmosphere of the occasion.

I’m Cheshire based, but like to travel to interesting places to shoot weddings.

I’m not cheap, but I would argue that I’m remarkably good value for what you get in return (this page is worth a quick read). By hiring me you’re not only getting great photography but also impeccable customer service (again, please read the testimonials) and years of experience. My aim is that on the wedding day you’ll just be able to focus on the events and enjoy the biggest and best day of your lives. And when you see the photographs, not only will you relive the day again and again, you’ll also have beautiful family heirlooms for you and future generations to look back over.

A bit about you:

You’re independent-minded. Following the crowd is not your thing.

You have an eye for quality.

You like things that are made to last.

You aren’t a slave to fashion, but have a clear sense of style.

If this sounds like you, then we should talk.

Interested in finding out more or telling me about your own big day? Then fill in the contact form and I’ll get back to you.