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Intimate winter wedding photography at Hilltop Country House | One shot

Let me take you back to December, to a lovely moment from this intimate winter wedding day.

These days I’m shooting more weddings like this – a tiny number of guests, family and close friends only, and jam packed with emotions.  This moment during the civil ceremony is one that I loved capturing.  It’s the point when the emotion of the moment just became a bit too much.  Harriet,  the daughter of Philip the groom, found it all a bit too much  midway through her reading.  So the ceremony was paused briefly while they family came together for a group hug.  The coming together of two families, both literally and metaphorically, in one photograph.

This one shot pretty much sums up the feel of the entire wedding day.

intimate winter wedding photo

At every wedding I photograph, I shoot plenty of record shots (like the wedding cake, bouquet, and so on), family groups and portraits, because they’re important documents of the day, but it is photographs like these that will be looked back on in years to come with the most affection; moments of pure unscripted emotion, captured discreetly.  They will stand the test of time far more than anything else and mean the most.

I still have some availability for a few dates in 2017 and am taking bookings for 2018 weddings.  Please get in touch if you’d like your own wedding photos to be emotional moments, expertly and discretely captured, for eternity.

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