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Engagement shoot for Emma and Nick in Castlefield

I haven’t posted an engagement shoot for a while, so thought I should make amends.

Emma and Nick aren’t getting married until next spring, at the rather lovely Arley Hall, but we decided that we should take advantage of the weather (no joke – it was quite warm, well mild, and most importantly dry when we met!) and have their engagement shoot at the end of the summer.  So we met in Castlefield a couple of Saturday mornings ago, to chat about the wedding a bit (it’s amazing how much is already organised eight months before) and make some photographs together.

Like 99% of couples, neither Emma nor Nick had been professionally photographed before.  It’s a strange experience for everyone, at least at first, but after ten minutes or so they were into it and we made some rather lovely portraits.

For me, an engagement shoot is an opportunity to see exactly how a couple reacts to one another in front of the lens, and to see what kind of portraits they’re likely to want on the wedding day.  Some people want to keep things simple while others are happy to experiment a little, either with poses or lighting, or both.  In some ways an e-shoot is not really like the portrait session on the wedding day – people dressed with machine embroidery designs, the same way, the atmosphere is very different, as is the location (in fact we chose Castlefield for the shoot as it’s the total opposite to Arley Hall); but it’s great preparation for the wedding day.  It’s a chance for us to get used to working together; for me to see how people naturally pose (or don’t!); for a couple it’s the opportunity to learn what to expect when making portraits.  I always say it’s a collaboration between us, which it is.

Emma-Nick-engagement-shoot-007engagement-photoshot-Martin-Hambleton-photoEmma-Nick-engagement-shoot-012Emma-Nick-engagement-shoot-021Emma-Nick-engagement-shoot-022Emma-Nick-engagement-shoot-028Emma-Nick-engagement-shoot-038 (1)Emma-Nick-engagement-shoot-033

The text from Emma a few days later said it all: “Just wanted to say thank you for Saturday.  We both really enjoyed ourselves … can’t wait to see the pictures.”

Looking forward to next April, and the main event!


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