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Combermere Abbey | Sam and Adam’s summer wedding

Combermere Abbey wedding photography

At the start of August last year I shot my first wedding at Combermere Abbey for Sam and Adam.  This wedding day will always be one of my favourites, because Sam and Adam will always be one of my favourite wedding couples.  Having (almost – see this post for all the details) shot Adam’s proposal there was a nice sense of seeing the job finished in shooting the wedding day.

Combermere Abbey is just outside Whitchurch in Shropshire – about an hour’s drive for me, but worth every minute.  It’s a beautiful venue, the main features being the gardens and maze (there’ll be plenty of photos of them, don’t worry).  As always with a new venue, I’d done a recce visit a few weeks before to explore, talk with the co-ordinator about the wedding day, and find some possible areas for portraits.  I find it inspiring to work at a new venue, but it’s always good if possible to have some prior thoughts about the flow of the day, and where to take some shots.

August was a strange month last year.  I might be mistaken, but I think it was the wettest one on record.  Certainly, we experienced our fair share of rain, with showers alternating with sunny outbreaks throughout the day.  I arrived to bright sunshine though, and the gardens looking radiant.  There are several holiday cottages dotted around the grounds, with the bride and groom staying in separate ones (obviously), so I spent the morning dotting between the two groups, capturing the preparations, before the arrival of guests and the civil ceremony in the Glasshouse.

One feature of this day was the orange theme, and it was in evidence everywhere.  From the orange bridesmaids dresses that they were able to get at Curvaceous Bridal UK, through to the table displays (both in the marquee and around the ceremony room); though my personal favourite had to be the individual Terry’s Chocolate Orange name holders.  A nice touch, especially for chocoholics (yes, I’m speaking personally).

The rain decided to make its’ first appearance just after the end of the ceremony so everyone decamped to the marquee for the drinks reception, and we spent our time dashing outside between showers for photos, playing giant jenga, riding bikes around the gardens (well, if you were under 11 at least), and making portraits.  Please don’t think that the rain spoiled things though; a quick look at the laughs and smiles should tell you that this was a bunch of people intent on having a great time, no matter what.  That especially holds true for Sam and Adam; another reason I’ll remain so fond of them.  From the start (in fact from the first time I met them, many months previously), it was clear they were going to let nothing stop them from having a blast on their wedding day.


If you’re marrying at Combermere Abbey please get in touch to discuss your wedding plans and to talk wedding photography.  I still have some dates left for this year, and am taking bookings into 2017.

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