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Colshaw Hall wedding photography | Holly and Will’s winter wedding

Finally I’ve got round to this, the full post from my last wedding of 2014 – Holly and Will’s rather fabulous day at Colshaw Hall.

Honestly, this day was a masterclass in how to create a fantastic wedding.  Styled to perfection, Holly created a chic and glamorous day to die for.  The secret was simplicity – a minimal black and white colour palette, with the guys in tuxes and the girls in black lace; beautifully simple, elegant white flowers; gloriously stylish clear perspex and candles in the ceremony and dining rooms. A solid black limousine car service, classic. No distractions, no clutter, everything clean, simple and chic.

Throw in some crisp, clear winter weather (and a fine evening sunset which gave us that oh-so-beautiful-winter-light to play with late on), and of course the great bonus of winter days – a dark, dark night in which we could play with lights and make some striking portraits later on.


Here it is, in all its glory.

Colshaw-Hall-wedding-venue-photo-002Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-003Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-004Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-005Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-006Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-007Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-008Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-009Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-010Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-011Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-012Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-013Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-014Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-020Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-021Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-022Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-023Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-024Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-025Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-027Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-028Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-029Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-030Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-031Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-032Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-033Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-035Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-036Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-037Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-038Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-039Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-040Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-041Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-042Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-043Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-044Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-045Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-046Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-049Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-051Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-052Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-053Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-054Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-055Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-056Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-057Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-059Colshaw-Hall-winter-wedding-photographyA big shout out to all the following:

David Stubbs, for being a great wing man and second photographer.

Craig at Unforgettable Memories, great wedding videographer and just fun to spend a day with.

Matt and his team at Red Floral for producing such wonderful, stylish work.  It set the perfect tone for the day.

The team at Colshaw Hall for managing the day so well and being a pleasure to work with.

And, of course, to Holly and Will for having the imagination to put such a day together, and also a huge thank you for asking me to be part of it.  It was a brilliant end to my 2014 diary.  Thank you.

Marrying at Colshaw Hall and interested in talking about your big day?  Please get in touch via the contact form at the top of the page or call me on 07766 815703.

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  1. Anurag Anurag

    Great set of images Martin. That first shot is a lovely shot of the couple.

    • Martin Martin

      Thanks for the comment Anurag. It had to be done really – some elegant black and white portraits to match the elegance of the day and the minimal colour theme. Glad you like it!

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