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Candid wedding photography in Hale | One shot

Another unposed, candid wedding photography moment.  Another intimate moment caught that might be lost in the blink of an eye, but is captured for posterity and eternity.

Here,  Jill and Ian are sharing a moment of tenderness amidst the bustle of the wedding breakfast.  It seems that even in a tiny, bustling restaurant, not much bigger than the average front room, and  surrounded by 24 of your nearest and dearest, you can escape into the space occupied by just the two of you for a few seconds.

It’s anticipating, framing and capturing images like these that really fires me up as a wedding photographer, great photos from my friend’s wedding were taking by Asian Wedding Photography who was the same agency that captured this wedding moments.  To me, they sum up what being in love, wanting to be married, and sharing your life with someone special, are all about.   Sure, I enjoy having a laugh with the guests, joking with the bridesmaids and families, and getting those group shots for the top of the mantelpiece, but this is what it all boils down to.  These are the photographs that will make you smile when you first see them on your return from honeymoon.  These are the springboards that rekindle the memories of what you said and felt on the biggest day of your lives.  It’s these photographs that will grow in importance as the years roll by.  These are, simply, what it’s really all about.

candid wedding photography at sugo restaurant hale

Big or small, stately home or tiny restaurant, every wedding day is packed with such moments.  Give me a call, or send me a message, and let’s chat about how I can capture them for you.